Question and Answer Regarding Homeowners’ Association Documents

Question: I am the listing agent. My seller is refusing to pay to obtain the homeowner association's documents. The seller claims that he has all of the required documents and can produce them to the buyer. How do I proceed?Answer: Legally, it is the seller's responsibility to provide all of

Question and Answer Regarding Handling of Buyers’ Reports

Question: I represented a buyer in making an offer on a property. While in escrow, we undertook several inspections and I have those reports. My buyer subsequently decided to cancel the escrow based on the reports. A new buyer is currently in escrow who is represented by another real estate

Question and Answer Regarding Contingencies

Question: I am a selling agent and my buyer has signed the Contingency for Sale or Purchase of Other Property form (“COP”). When does the inspection contingency time start running? Answer: The contingency time frame begins running upon one of the following: 1. Delivery of escrow evidence

Question and Answer Regarding Service Animals

Question: May a prospective purchaser bring a support animal into an open house?Answer: Probably. Unless there is a compelling reason why a buyer cannot bring a service animal into an open house, the seller should probably permit it to prevent discrimination claims. A compelling reason may be a

Question and Answer Regarding Water Conversation Plumbing Fixtures

Question: I have a seller selling a property with a home built before 2004. He does not know whether the plumbing fixtures comply with the California Conservation Plumbing Act. Does he need to hire a plumber to answer the questions on the Transfer Disclosure Statement?Answer: No, however, your

Congress Addresses PACE Loans

The United States Congress is currently addressing issues arising out of PACE loans. These loans, created by the Property Assessed Clean Energy (“PACE”) program, allow homeowners to obtain financing to make improvements to their home to increase their homes’ energy efficiency. PACE
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